Animals and asgardian and norse gods themed slots


The game slot terpercaya are also played in animal, asgardian and norse gods themes. And thus, you have to ensure that you learn more about these particular themes. When thinking about slots which are animal-themed, what are some of the images which come to mind? It might be different for everyone because the slot machined which go after the animal themes can be found all over.

You will get an animal cartoon on slots such as the Pink Panther or the Thunder Cat. There happens to be dozens of jungle-themed animal slots including the Ride the Tiger, and Jaguar Temple. Of course the developers of the slots also tend to get into various slots obscure with the animal these. Have you ever played Pied Piper, Ace Ventura Pet Detective  or the Banana Rock?

There are several animal slots where the machines came from also:

  • Buffalo
  • The great chicken escape
  • The Rumble Rino
  • The Wonky Wabbis
  • The butterfly staxx

The norse and asgrdian gods

Is it possible that the Marvel Avengers might be the reason that there are various slot games which are produced in the few decades featuring the Norse gods in the Asgardan themed slots? The Playtech lost the rights for licensing to the series of Marvel of 2017 and thus, the real thor is no longer on the table.

But Loki, Thor, Odin, Freya, and the Valkyries still is known to circle a variety of different Norse god theme reels for slot machines.  You don’t have to go the Bifrost bridge in order to play the Asgardian themed slots which have the Norse gods for real money.

What is in the market include:

  • Asgarian stones
  • The fortunes of asgard
  • Asgardians
  • Thunderstruck II

Another slot machine which is Asgardian themed is the Riches of Midgard: Expand and Lard. It got released by NetEnd in 2021

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